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We understand that you are busy running your business. Which is why we, Pixel web designers, provide website development services. For the sole reason to ensure that your digital presence elevates. We have a highly experienced team of developers, designers and project managers. With their collaborative efforts, we deliver high-quality outcomes to your website and bring tactile results.

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After we get some information from you, we’ll set up a time to discuss your project in further detail.

    Our Services

    Custom web development:

    Our designing and web development team showcase your visualized idea of the website. additionally, with an aesthetically pleasing layout.

    During the web development project, our team makes in-depth consultation with the clients. It helps to ensure that the website complies with the brand with perfection.

    Custom Web Development Services
    Responsive Web Design Services

    Responsive design:

    The biggest pain for any customer is that sometimes they cannot access their favorite brand’s website on their mobile phones. Or the website is only functional via desktop.

    I’m sure you do not want your valuable customers to feel this.
    Pixel web designer is on the same page with you. Our web development company will serve this role. By creating a very responsive design for your website that brings excellent user experience. Converts visitors into leads and drives high conversions.

    E-commerce solutions:

    Boost your sales and bring high conversions. our tailored professionals seek to offer valuable e-commerce related solutions. Its because, e-commerce solutions are part of our web development services.

    We will help you stand out. We handle everything from the look of your product to the secure payment gateway.

    Ecommerce Website Solutions Services
    UI / UX Design Services

    UI/UX design:

    Consider you have a clothing business. But, your website presents the aesthetics of technology or it has a technical layout that does not match your brand.
    Do you think a random customer would buy?

    They’ll bounce.

    Elevate your website’s aesthetics with Pixel web designer’s skilled professionals to attract more leads. Our professionals cover a wide range of designing methods and visually appealing layouts to boost your business website.

    Search engine optimization:

    Increase the organic traffic on your website and enjoy converting random visitors to leads with our web development process that involves search engine optimization.

    Pixel web designer with its SEO team optimize your website according to updated google algorithm to attract customers and boost your sales.

    So, increase your sales alongside a high conversion rate with the award winning web Pixel web designers.

    Search Engine Optimization Services
    Content Management System Services

    Content management system (CMS):

    Another challenge you can experience in your website is the management of content, updation and analysis of how it is being viewed and what is the average on page duration.

    Pixels web designer is standing on the forefront for you. Stop worrying about your website’s content management because our development team is resting you assured of it with the assistance of content management systems such as wordpress, Joomla, squarespace and webflow.

    Web application development:

    Pixel web designer’s development team will help you convert your creative ideas into strong web applications that will improve your business growth and bring productivity.

    It will help your developed web to function effectively.

    Web Application Development Services
    QA Testing

    Q/A testing:

    Build trust with your customers by quality assurance surveys. Occasionally check out your product’s quality and the feedback of your customers to have increased sales.

    Pixel web designer will help you achieve that level of trustworthiness with your customers by such a website development process that will ensure the feedback analysis and customer support.

    Front end and back end development:

    Front end is what your customers will see first when they visit your website.

    You can apply the mantra of first impression is the last impression here. And the back end is the backstory of your website. The infrastructure of it and the data processes.

    Our dedicated team of design and web development will create innovative designs and architecture of your website that will ultimately boost your business profile.

    Collaborate with Pixel web designers and unleash the potential of your online presence. Book your first free consultation to discuss the nature of your project in more detail.

    Front End And Back End Development Services

    How We Create

    Our Website

    Initial Consultation

    Our first meeting consists of a discussion on the project to understand the client’s requirements and business according to the target audience and current styles.

    Strategy Development

    The second meeting is about how to turn ideas into useful digital products. We analyze and review every aspect of the project’s technical and financial operations. A document is created for you to review. Our development services ensure a smooth process.

    UI Designing

    Our skilled UI/UX designers will produce designs, elements, transitions, and web experiences to ensure that the client’s expectations are properly met. We specialize in creating ecommerce solutions that are visually appealing and user-friendly.

    Agile Development

    We execute the actual development phase, in which the client is given project updates at regular intervals to gather feedback and understand the current positions, which are then revised accordingly. Our quality assurance processes ensure a high-quality end product.

    QA & Testing

    The goal is to create a tool that incorporates your business knowledge and preferences. We perform extensive functional, usability, performance, and compliance tests to ensure flawless performance. Our wide range of testing methods covers all aspects of projects.

    Post-Launch Support

    We provide packages for routine maintenance after your website launches, feature expansion, and digital marketing services to help you reach the right audience. Our comprehensive ecommerce solutions cover all your post-launch needs

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